Saturday, July 26, 2008


Several days back we enjoyed a couple of days at the Kingfisher Safaris Resort near Njeru town on the edge of Lake Victoria next to where the White Nile originates from the lake. There wasn't time for much intentional birding, but I enjoyed as always the mix of bird life that is typical of the area. Some of my favorites from this visit:

* Red-chested sunbird (the most common species there and unfailingly gorgeous)
* Paradise flycatcher
* Red-bellied paradise flycatcher (one of the few times I've ever seen these two closely related species virtually alongside each other)
* Northern black flycatcher
* African blue flycatcher
* Wahlberg's eagle
* Long-crested eagle (one being chased by three eastern grey plantain-eaters)
* African fish eagle
* African goshawk
* Palm-nut vulture
* Double-toothed barbet
* Black-crowned waxbill

Today (back in Mbale) I heard a male Klaas' cuckoo calling for the first time in a while. Also yesterday we had a western black-headed oriole in one of the musizi trees outside the house. African blue flycatchers have been frequenting the place too.