Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eastern kingbird

Not too many notable sightings lately, although I've seen the yelllow-billed cuckoo and common flicker again in the last few days.

I did come across a fairly uncommon bird in these parts, being the southwestern margin of its summer range, an eastern kingbird. Western kingbirds are abundant throughout the summer in Abilene, but I think I've seen the larger, darker eastern species only once before in this area, years ago. I was driving through Cal Young park around lunch time and noticed a large, darker-than-usual flycatcher perched near Cedar Creek. Suspecting something out of the ordinary, I stopped for a closer look and confirmed it as an eastern kingbird. Very nice.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I neglected to report this earlier, but back in April I saw an osprey over our neighborhood in Abilene -- the only one I can remember ever seeing here.

Potpourri of recent sightings

Today in Abilene -- yellow-billed cuckoo, one in our back yard and another one across town; green heron in Kirby Park; purple martin in Cal Young Park; common flicker in Abilene cemetery

Couple of days ago at Clapp Park in Lubbock -- one avocet, a pair of wilson's warblers, several Mississippi kites

Last week in Malibu, California -- brown pelican, yellow-billed magpie, California towhee, hooded oriole, Anna's hummingbird, black phoebe (all new to me except the brown pelican and possibly the oriole, which I may have seen in SW Texas years ago)