Sunday, May 6, 2012

Uganda Birds - April 2012 (mostly in Mbale)

Some of the species I noticed in passing:

1.      Spectacled weaver
2.      Baglafecht (Reichenow’s) weaver
3.      African pied crow
4.      White-browed robin-chat (Heuglin’s robin)
5.      African blue flycatcher
6.      Black-headed heron
7.      African black kite
8.      Hadada
9.      Lizard buzzard
10.  Saddlebill stork
11.  Egyptian goose
12.  Little egret
13.  Red-eyed dove
14.  Speckled pigeon
15.  Scarlet-chested sunbird
16.  Ruepell’s long-tailed starling
17.  Common bulbul
18.  Yellow-throated greenbul
19.  Woodland kingfisher
20.  Wood stork
21.  Yellow white-eye
22.  Grey-cap warbler
23.  Red-billed firefinch
24.  Pink-backed pelican
25.  Grey-headed sparrow
26.  African thrush
27.  Brown parrot
28.  Broad-billed roller
29.  African pied kingfisher
30.  Speckled mousebird
31.  Red-chested cuckoo (calling)
32.  Common camaroptera (calling)
33.  Bronze-tailed starling
34.  Piapiac
35.  Wire-tailed swallow
36.  Lesser striped swallow
37.  House sparrow
38.  Bronze manikin
39.  Little swift
40.  Palm swift
41.  African pied wagtail
And a few species I came across while in the Eldoret and Moiben areas a few days:

Harrier hawk (Gymnogene)
Black-shouldered kite
Speckled mousebird
White-browed robin-chat
Black-lored babbler
Common fiscal
Grey-backed fiscal
Red-cheeked cordon-bleu
Rufous sparrow
Blue-eared glossy starling
Ring-necked (Cape) turtle dove
Laughing dove
Cape rook
Tawny-flanked prinia
Bronze sunbird
Speckled pigeon
African black kite
Cattle egret
Diederik cuckoo
Red-chested cuckoo
Grey crowned crane
These are a few of the birds I noticed on a cloudy-morning walk up and down Argwings Kodhek Rd in Nairobi this morning:

Harrier hawk (Gymnogene)
Lesser masked weaver
Baglafecht (Reichenow's) weaver
Collared sunbird
Variable sunbird
Bronze sunbird
White-browed sparrow-weaver
African black kite
Olive thrush
African paradise flycatcher
Speckled mousebird
Speckled pigeon
African pied wagtail
Rock martin
Little swift
Red-wing starling
White-eyed slaty flycatcher
Northern pied babbler (new species for me!)